Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blogg(in) & out

So lets make a list of things I like and do not like.

Do Not:

People who pay with checks
Slow lane merging sans blinker
Super tight jeans, unless its 1988 and I'm sporting a pair of levi stonewashed jeans with pegs
Hi-Top shoes
The Under Armour Store
Sugar Substitutes
Whoever the evening drive DJ is on MIX 107.3
All day music festivals
Unscented Candles
Shows that celebrate dancing
The US version of Iron Chef
Heart of Palm and Feta, in no particular order
Loud Walkers
Circus Peanuts
Mambo No. 5
Armor All - it will not go away
Super high sideburns
90% of coupons
Slow walkers in the mall
Jeans with graphics
My Hair since 1979
Hats that do not fit right
People who speak with british accents who are not from england
Lame soccer players who dive....its also popular in basketball 
The slow rate of new movies available for free on demand
Going to a concert when bands insist on playing new songs and not good songs
All things assembly required
Darryl, Moose & Goose
Cranberry Drinks
Cars that rhyme with Ford
Tube TV's
All things uber and noob


Peach and Mango
Catalogs in the mail
Ottomans, but not so much the empire
Scented Candles of course
Rooting for all teams DC (not other teams from cities I have never been to or lived in - cough cough - Dallas and Pittsburgh fans - cough cough)
Birch Beer, ye olde
Background noise
Fans of the oscillating variety
Surround sound
Winter hats
Sadly I enjoy a good vacuum and laundry on sunday
Wegmans, Target, Costco and Bed Bath & beyond, pretty nice saturday lined up
Mitsubishi Warranty's
Napping with Casey
Comfort Dry Socks 
The Keurig Coffee experience
Owning the largest toaster oven I have ever seen
Field Day
Records and AM radio
Judging bad xmas sweaters at the mall
BBQ & Diners or both at once
Unleashing the fury
Vault Soda - I wish I knew how to quit you
Dancin' on the Ceiling, All night long
Caesar Milan's corrections
Huey Lewis, the entire catalog

Thanks. 2009. 

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  1. Danny!! blog it up!! we need to keep up with your preferences!